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We’re ready to help you get to the next level with our products and services. These are the top white-label payment gateway providers you should consider when choosing one for your business. In the meantime, let’s look into the advantages of having white-label software. If you want to use in-app payments in your new product, then adding a payment gateway to your app is simply a must.

white label payment gateway software

Platforms like Dwolla or WePay Clear, which are made to be white-label, may be easier to use but can have less flexibility than payment giants like Stripe. We are happy to assist our customers, for any query related to white label payment processing, we are ready to help you at . This payment gateway offers some of the very beneficial features that are not provided by the ordinary payment gateways. Quadrapay helps you to get a gateway so that you can take control over your customer experience and gives you an additional opportunity to promote your brand name. White Label Payment Gateway Platform provides state of the art, white label payment gateway solution – essential infrastructural component in the card-not-present industry.

PayBito offering White Label Payment Gateway for accepting crypto payments

Take advantage of a multi-layered defense against fraud that uses advanced analytics and innovation to reduce fraudulent charges. Andrew is the Founder of Akurateco Payments Orchestration Company, established in 2019. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in online payments, Andrew has a solid understanding of how to build a product that helps to increase revenue and save on processing costs.

white label payment gateway software

If your business depends on customers selling your product on your behalf, a white label payment gateway can enable you to set up each customer with their own store. MONEI makes everything easy MONEI is a payment gateway that allows you to accept payments either online and offline. MONEI can be integrated directly into your website or online store with just one simple line of code . MONEI protects you against fraud, can issue refunds and helps your business succeed. It’s the simplest and cheapest way to start making money on your site. Moving money with ease Move your money online transparently and securely — no paperwork or compliance when accepting payments to start a business.

Integrating MONEI as your payment gateway will help you boost your conversion rates. Insanely Simple We designed MONEI in a way that anyone can use it. Today you, tomorrow your six years old child on their way to conquer the business world.

Since we work with both payment service providers and online merchants, we have a unique opportunity to get direct feedback on our products and services from both sides. So, we can immediately upgrade our products, taking into account the interests of all users. We focus on solutions to protect our merchants against fraud and provide our customers with safe and reliable payment processing.

Why choose a white label software?

The market keeps on growing thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping. And with it grows the number of white-label software providers. And while our opinion might still be slightly bias, white label payment gateway we did our best to stay impartial when equipping you with full information. In a nutshell, white-label payment gateway software is a payment system developed by expert third-party providers.

white label payment gateway software

As the traditional payment gateway is fully controlled by the merchant acquirers as per their protocols, but this gateway gives white label merchant services a chance to advertise your services as well. One more drawback of setting up your own payment gateway we didn’t mention yet – connecting your new payment gateway to different banks, card providers, and payment services. Magnius is specializing in payment services for large merchants and PSPs.

What businesses can benefit from a white-label payment gateway?

Businesses like online stores, e-commerce software, gaming platforms, and system providers often use such services. Every company that wants to accept online payments should consider getting them. Just pick the most suitable and reputable partner and get the wanted services.

  • We offer a built-in 3-D secure support module, the official VISA and Mastercard protocol for card holder authentication.
  • Additionally, membership websites like MemberMouse or Restrict Content Pro offer seamless integration with many popular white label gateways so that you can easily manage different membership levels within your website.
  • If a token is used it is impossible to restore the card number.
  • White label refers to a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but sold by another.
  • The company provides a strong anti-fraud system integrated into its payment gateway.

Cardstream’s White Labeling service provides a full suite of products tailored to build your unique payment experience. We provide end to end solutions across an expanding global network. Our integrated software offers a seamless customer experience by using direct integration, hosted forms, developer-friendly API and specified plug-ins, managed via our Partner portal. PayPipes brings you a technical solution to setup a payment gateway with your company brand and color for seamless customer journey regardless of the payment channel or country.

Have you ever thought of a payment gateway without any security? Normal digital payment platforms do have specified security specifications like two-factor authentication and pin codes. In that way, White Label crypto payment gateways come with blockchain technology covered so that they do not get hacked. Moreover, you can check your transactions and previous communications in the history of transactions stored in the ledger. If your business requires reseller services, consider the advantages of a white label payment gateway.

Satisfied and happy customers

White labeling is a legal protocol that allows one product or service to be sold and rebranded under another company’s brand. The term “white labeling” is used based on the manual process whiting out something previously written to write over again. White Label Platform has a portal where Business owners or Merchants apply the application and Upload their business documents for Onboarding process. All merchant data can be secured for sending the application package to the banker. The boarding manager ensures a smooth on-boarding process allowing you to apply within minutes.

white label payment gateway software

Easily manage and do the reconciliation of all incoming payments with our software that matches the internal platform transactions with bank statements in any format. Launching an online payment proposition within six weeks with tons of services and payment products. A customizable platform can make online store customization much easier, as businesses may be able to take advantage of advanced tools without hiring someone to code a custom checkout page.

Such integration allows to share transaction data in JSON format. This method does not redirect the buyer from the merchant’s site. Devices via which the payments were made, track buyers activity statistics, create safety rules for identifying fraudulent transactions and report fraud immediately. Bring your brand and colours to the payment page design and give your customers a familiar buying experience on the web and mobile. Monitor your company’s financial health with our fully-equipped accounting software.

Also, most white-label gateways can be easily integrated with third-party security, anti-fraud, and KYC Solutions if you need an extra security layer. When it comes to white label gateways, they work just like any other gateway – have the same features, level of security, and certifications. But as they are not branded by the provider, businesses can customize the online checkout process with their own names, logos, or brand elements or add new features they need. If you were thinking recently about adding a payment gateway to your application as well and started researching your options, then you surely noticed there are two main ways of doing this. Namely, either using one of the many third-party payment gateways or building a payment solution yourself.

User Friendly UI Design

PaySimple is the leading payments management solution for service-based businesses, powering the cashflow of over 20,000 companies nationwide. PaySimple builds long-term partnerships with companies to drive growth providing flexible payment and billing solutions and personalized customer service to suit their distinct business needs. With a robust API, PaySimple is a trusted technology partner for payment integrations; natively handling cashflow within SaaS products and mobile applications. White label payment gateways are payment gateways that enable other companies to white label the payment gateway solution and offer the service under their own brand. Compare the best White Label Payment Gateways currently available using the table below.

What are White Label Payment Gateways?

With seamless, hassle-free integration to our payment gateway, you can avoid long integration processes. A white label payment gateway is a type of online payment processing service that allows businesses to accept payments from customers for products or services without having to manage the entire transaction themselves. It’s essentially a third-party provider that processes payments on behalf of the business and takes a small fee in return. White label payment gateways provide businesses with an efficient way to process transactions while helping them save time and money by eliminating the need for developing their own payment processing systems.

Secure Private Cloud

Our platform is built upon years of experience in developing payment products and bringing them to the market. It incorporates a myriad of the latest technologies and translates them into a versatile intelligent solution. Save on processing fees, skyrocket your conversion rates, and increase customers’ satisfaction with a refined own-branded checkout solution. Provide advanced merchant services for online businesses within a few weeks, having hundreds of connections established for you.

White Label Payment Solutions and Services for payment acceptance

By using the gateway as your own, you’re putting your name and reputation at stake. You can easily create and show a localized content according to your needs and business industry. It improves your customer base by providing the method to accept local payments. It puts you in a position which exceeds expectations of your valuable merchants or customers.

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